Floating, Resonating Spheres - Shimogamo Shrine

teamLab, 2016, Interactive Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

Spheres of light float in the space within the Sakura Gate of Shimogamo Shrine. They move on their own, shining brightly, then disappearing—as if they are softly breathing. When the spheres of light are touched by a person or receive an impact, the color of their light changes, and they emit a musical tone unique to their new color. They can also resonate with the spheres around them, changing to the same color and emitting the same tone, creating a chain reaction.

The color of the trees near the spheres can also resonate in the same manner. The light from the trees resonates with that of the trees along the walkway beyond Sakura Gate; they, too, will change color and emit tones. The light from the trees along the walkway transmits the light of the Sakura Gate's trees beyond the gate, resonating with the nearby spheres. The spheres and the trees along the walkway can also resonate with each other beyond the gate.

As visitors move beyond the gate, they will become more aware of the other people and animals with which they share the space.